The Lifestylepreneur’s Recommended Resources

Welcome to The Lifestylepreneur‘s resource section. This page will provide you with all the essential resources to help you build a better, more efficient and more fulfilling business.

Each and every resource on this list has been hand curated and tested by myself. I only share what has been immensely valuable to my business as I am certain it will benefit yours too.

This page does include some affiliate links, and is the main reason this site can continue to create content for free.

Website Resources:

It’s important to keep you’re site in top shape whether it’s an ecommerce store, blog or anything else. The following resources have contributed a huge amount to my business so I would 100% recommend checking them all out.

Website Hosting: – is simply the best eCommerce platform and solution out there hands down. It’s incredibly easy to use with amazing functionality, awesome free themes and brilliant support. It has built all the eCommerce functions you need from tracking stocking, automated emails to customers, easy to upload product descriptions, and so on. I sell all my physical products via Shopify, and have never had a single problem with it. If you’re looking to setup a store easily, with no coding, full eCommerce functionality and the ability to sell on platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest then I would 100% recommend using Shopify! Best thing is, you can try it for free and if you don’t like it don’t continue your subscription, simple.

Shopify – is my favourite hosting platform for sites that are not ecommerce based, such as blogs, content sites, directories or anything else. I highly recommend SiteGround for a number of reasons: firstly, there customer care is far superior to ANY of their competitors! I’ve hosted sites with a couple of different platforms and I genuinely feel that SiteGround has made me felt as the most valued customer out of them all.

Second, they really know what they’re doing and are great at using their knowledge to help you. When I first approached them I was looking to get my site migrated from another platform, I’m really not tech savvy and it was was taking me hours and hours trying to migrate it (the previous platform was a nightmare) and in the process I nearly lost my site multiple times. SiteGround completely took all my headache away by agreeing to do the whole migration for me for free! It was an absolute life saver.

SiteGround it also my number one pick for a couple more reasons – it’s a very fast host, has great protection and is also at a value that easily competes with all other major webhosting platforms out there. If you’re looking for somewhere to get your site host, then definitely go and check out SiteGround!

Web Hosting

Email resources:

Email Marketing: – is what I currently use for my email marketing. It’s got a really simple and easy to use interface, and navigating around the site it extremely easy. You can create new email lists, great autoresponder series, send out an email broadcast in a matter of minutes. They also have a great pricing structure in which you get exactly the same benefits on the cheapest program and those on the most expensive. It’s really tailored around how many email subscribers you have and the price will steadily increase as your subscribers increase. Also, one great benefits is that you get a FREE 30 day trial to give it a go, if you don’t like it just don’t pay. But I’m sure if you’re either new to email marketing, or looking to really up your game, AWeber is a great place to start.

Email Provider:

G Suite by Google – I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I absolutely love gmail, I honestly don’t think there are any other email providers out there are look as good or works as well as gmail. That’s way with all my businesses I use G Suite as it enables me to get a tailored email like . It’s hugely important to get an email address that is tailored to your business, because lets be honest, it just doesn’t look professional otherwise.

Along with getting to use gmail use also get to use a huge array of other benefits – such as google drive that allows you create files that you would have created in say Microsoft word or Excel; they are constantly being automatically saved onto Google’s vast cloud – that is a space online that means if you’re laptop / computer breaks you don’t have to worry as all your work has been saved online, and you can of course then access it from anywhere. You also get google calendar, video meets and so much more. All for a couple of bucks a month! Awesome right? You can even get a 14 day free trial if you’d like to try it out, simply got to G Suite here and sign yourself up.


Freelancers: – is my go to site when I am looking for someone to do a small to medium job, or if I’m looking for a virtual assistant to conduct a number of tasks for me. Whether you are building your business on a budget or looking to get high quality jobs done, I would highly recommend checking out Upwork. All you need to do is write up a quick job description and within an hour you’re likely to have a number of applicants to choose from. This also works on the other side, if you need some quick cash and have skills you can sell this is the place to do it. – is a great site to get small, quick and cheap jobs done. This isn’t the site to use for big complicated tasks, but if you need someone to format an ebook, create an image, complete some copy writing or virtually anything else, then it’s well worth checking out. I personally use it for a number of these small tasks and find that you can consistently get high quality work done extremely affordably.

Design Services:

99 Designs: simply is a one stop shop for all your design related needs. They offer services including: logo design, packaging design, website design, book cover design, t shirt design and business card design, as well as a number of packages and add on services.

99 Designs works a little different from other design companies. It users freelance designers like the previous two sites, but instead gives you access to higher quality freelancers in a very well organised and simple format. All you need to do is create a design brief, choose which package you’d like, launch the content, receive upto 30 – 60 high quality designs, give feedback to the designs you like, and simply pick your favourite. Oh and they offer a money back guarantee if none of the designs offered meet you expectations.

It’s an all round awesome site and one that I would recommend to anyone that is looking to get really good quality design work done.