I’ve been making money with Matched Betting on and off for a while now and believe it’s a great way to make money from home with only a hour a day needed.

In my first month I made just under £500 (tax free) with less than 1 hour a day spent matched betting.

When people hear the word ‘betting’ they believe it’s going to be a really risky with the potential to lose all your money, but in fact it’s actually risk free. Yes, you read that right it’s actually risk free!

Let me explain how it works, before giving you a review of my favorite matched betting software and course.


What is Matched Betting and how does it work?


Matched betting consists of placing two bets. The first bet is placed with a bookmaker where you ‘back’ a certain outcome. The second bet is placed on a betting exchange where you ‘lay’ the bet and bet for the opposite outcome to happen.

Let me give an example of this is practice.

First, you would go to a bookmaker like Ladbrooks and place a ‘back’ bet of £10 for Everton to beat Tottenham. You would then go over to a betting exchange like Betfair and place a ‘lay’ bet for any other outcome (loss or draw).

Either outcome will win your money back, apart from a 1 – 3% loss due the betting exchange charge.

Now, you’re probably thinking if you’re betting for both outcomes, how can you make any money?

Well, by placing this £10 bet at Ladbrooks you have just qualified for a £30 free bet. This free bet it where you make your money.

You now go and repeat the process above, but you use the free bet on the bookmaker instead of your own money.

This time, no matter whether you win on bookmaker or the betting exchange you will have made a profit. Depending on the bet you are likely to have turned 70 – 90% of the free bet into cash, so in this case you will have made £21 – £27. This will have likely taken you less than 30 mins and with hundreds of offers out there you wont need to stop there.

It really is as simple as that.

But, before you dive in you need to understand that you can’t randomly pick any bet and then carry out the process above. Bet’s don’t always make a good ‘match’ and for you to get anywhere close to a 70 – 90% conversion rate, you’ll really need to use some software.

This is where Matchedbets.com comes in.


What is Matchedbets.com?


Matchedbets.com is a site that:

  1. Teaches you how to carry out matched betting in way that makes the most profit and money.
  2. Provides you with software that enables you to find the best matches and tells you how much money you need to place on the ‘lay’ bet (this is extremely hard to calculate by yourself).

So let’s have a look at how it works.

First, you will either be given a bookmaker and offer by Matchedbets or you can go and find one yourself. Let’s say you choose to use William Hills welcome offer of £10 bet for a £30 free bet and will be putting your ‘lay’ bet with Betfair. Get these two sites up in different tabs.

Betting Tab


Next, you will go to Matchedbets.com (sign up if you haven’t already) and then open up the ‘odds matcher’ in one tab and the ‘match calculator’ in another. You should have two screens that look something like this:


Odds Matcher Matched Betting


Match Calculator Matched Betting


Now you have both of these open you need to go to the ‘odds matcher’ and search for ‘matches’ by typing in the exchange you’ve chosen and scrolling down until you see your bookmaker, in this case Betfair and William Hill.

You will then take the information from the ‘odds matcher’ and put into the ‘match calculator’, along with the amount you’re putting on your ‘back stake’ which in this example is £10. It will also tell you how much profit you’ll make. For this match it will likely be £0.

The ‘odds matcher’ will then spit out how much you need ‘lay’ in the betting exchange.

Once you’ve placed your ‘back stake’ and your ‘lay’ bet you will have qualified for you £30 free bet in William Hill.

Now repeat the process but on the ‘match calculator’ you need to select ‘free bet’ instead of ‘normal bet’ from the drop down menu on the bookmaker side. This time you should see a profit of around £21 – £27.

Now place these bets and once the event has taken place you should have a profit in either your bookmaker’s account or your exchange’s account.


Would I recommend Matchedbets.com for Matched Betting?


In short, yes.


I’ve outlined the process above, but you will gain access to video tutorials which will run you through the whole process again step by step.

It also has very easy to use software, which makes finding your bets extremely quick and straight forward.

Matchedbets will also provide you with all the best offers to start making money straight away.

They offer a free trial version that will allow you to make £50 for absolute free! Once completed you’re able to join their premium paid version for only £14 a month, which compared to the previous site I used called Profit Squirrel (review here) is over 40% off…


If you want to start making a second income of £500 a month in less than an hour a day then click on this link here and sign up for either their trial or premium version today.


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If you’ve found this helpful or have any questions please leave me a comment below.