Over the past two weeks I’ve been trying out Matched Betting – a new way of making money online and have generated a total of £251.07 profit in less than an hour a day.

Now this isn’t a significant amount of money, but for around an hours work a day it really isn’t bad. Oh, and it’s tax free so all of that money has gone straight into my pocket… Not bad right?

I didn’t do this through a business, by freelancing or by filling out surveys. Instead, it was through a system called matched betting.

What is Matched Betting and how does it work?


Let me guess, you are reading the word ‘betting’ and thinking this must be some sort of scam or something where you could potentially lose money? To be completely honest, I initially thought the exactly the same thing.

Before you make you’re mind up, let me explain what matched betting is and how it works.


Matched betting is where you place a bet for a certain outcome, and then place another bet for the opposite outcome – this is called a ‘match’.


For example, you could place a bet on Arsenal to beat West Ham (this is called a back bet), and then place a second bet on another site for this not to happen – that is for West Ham to win or the game to be a draw (this is called a lay bet). Therefore, no matter what the outcome of the math, you will have won.

Now, this alone can make you a small bit of money, but where the real money is made is by using this system to qualify for free bets and promotions.

Nearly all book makers offer some sort of promotion or deal for you signing up and betting with them, for example ‘Bet £10 and we’ll give you £30 in free bets. By using the matched betting system you would then find two bets (a match), place both of those bets so that you break even on the initial bet and get your money back and then, do the same with the free bet and turn it into cash.

Simple right?

Each free bet you qualify for, you’re likely to be able to convert 70-80% of it into cash, so a free £30 bet would convert into around £21-£24 cash.

Now, you ask, if it really is that simple then why isn’t everyone doing it? Well, I think there’s two main reasons for this:

1 – People likely get scared off by the idea of betting and losing money, when in fact this method is 100% risk free.

2 – It can be quite difficult and time consuming to find all of the best offers out there and then find matches that give you the best return.

Now this is where Profit Squirrel comes in…

But what is Profit Squirrel, is it a scam?


(UPDATE: I also recommend trying Matchedbets.com, you can try both for free and see which you prefer. Check out my review of Matchedbets.com here.)


First off, no Profit Squirrel is not a scam, it is an online course and some really great matched betting software.

The course includes 111 tutorials on how to conduct matched betting, the best offers out there and how to conduct these offers to get the largest return.

However, the software is the thing that really makes Profit Squirrel unique – it has something called an ‘odds matcher‘ which basically goes through the internet finding all the best matches, ranks them on profitability, enables you to search via each specific book makers and is constantly up to date.

It also has an amazing matched bet calculator called the ‘odds calculator‘. The odds calculator enables you to type in how much you’re betting, whether it’s a free bet or normal bet, the odds of your back bet and then tells you exactly how much profit you will make and how much you need to put down on your lay bet to achieve it.

Check out the images below to get a better idea of what I’m talking about.


Odds Matcher:

Odds Matcher - Profit Squirrel


Odds Calculator (matched bet calculator):

Odds Calculator Matched Betting Calculator


This software alone has been absolutely essential for me to be able to make the money I have so far, and to do it in an hour a day or less.

Now there is a small downside: Profit Squirrel does charge a small monthly fee for access to their course and to use their software.

It’s currently £24.99, but considering you could quite easily make 20 times that through your matched betting, it really is worth this small fee. What’s more, they’re so confident that their system and software works that they offer you a – 30 day money back guarantee and will pay you an extra £100 in cash if you don’t make a profit!

I have to say the above offer convinced me to sign up… After all, if I didn’t make a profit they would have given me all my money back plus an extra £100!

However, I certainly did make a profit. Here’s a screen shot of my progress over the past 2 weeks:

Profit Squirrel Two Week Profit


I managed to make that profit by spending an hour or less on matched betting per day, and had a couple of days off in between. My first profit came in the same night I signed up, so you really can see just how fast the process starts working.

Want to give it a go? If you’d like to sign up or find out a bit more, simply click this link here and a new window will open with the Profit Squirrel website.

Want to get my Top 5 Starter Tips For Instant Matched Betting Profits?


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If you have any questions about any of the above or would like to chat about matched betting / Profit Squirrel, simply drop me a comment in the section below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.