Do you have a morning routine?


Ever hit the snooze button way more times then you should have? Trust me I know the feeling! Dragging your head from the pillow and pulling yourself out of bed can be a real challenge for so many people and I was certainly one of them. But what a lot of people don’t realise is the way you start your morning will inevitably dictate the rest of your day.

Starting each morning with a great routine can really help get your day off on the right track and honestly make getting up SO much easier.

Morning Routine

I’ve been practicing a morning ritual for a while now and it has had a dramatic impact on my health, mindset and daily enjoyment. Getting up each morning and knowing that the first hour of each day is going to be dedicated to making me feel good really is a powerful thing.

When I first started developing my morning routine I sat down and looked at what areas I really wanted to work on, they were: energy, fatigue, stress, mental state and general health. I then started researching and trying out different things and after some time of trial and error I can quite easily say I’ve managed to design one hell of miracle morning routine! Check it out below.




The very first think I do when I get up is go and get myself a big glass of water. Over the course of the night are bodies up a lot of of the water we will have drunk the day before, this inevitably will have led to some minor hydration. By going and downing a glass of water straight upon waking gets all your internal organs working again and helps reduce some of the fatigue that comes from lack of water.

Another benefit of drinking water first thing, is that it’ll help fire up your metabolism before any food touches your mouth. Therefore another benefit for those of us that wouldn’t mind shedding a few lbs.




I often jump straight in the shower before this part as heat helps reduce my back pain, but if you intent to get a bit hot and sweaty it would probably be a better shout jumping in after.

Now morning exercise doesn’t have to long or strenuous, but raising your heart rate and getting your stiff muscles moving can do wonders for your health and massively boost your energy for the rest of the day.

I start off with 5 – 10 minutes cardio, I do shadow boxing as it helps loosen up my whole body, but some star jumps, skipping or even running on the same spot would do. I then go straight in to stretching. I have a few particular stretches I like do that target the areas I’m stiffest in, but if you’d like a few ideas then check out these 5 mobility and stretch routine on Youtube.




When someone first mentions meditation you’ll likely think of someone sitting in a forest chanting om… No? Was that just me? Well, don’t dismiss it! This one aspect of my morning routine has EASILY had the most significant impact, not just at the beginning of each day but the whole 24 hours, and it only takes 10 minutes!

Getting used to sitting still and concentrating on your breathing can be a real struggle to start with, and those of us that are used to having a circus of thoughts and dos going on in are head can find it particularly difficult.

The first time I tried meditation I managed to do a whole 2 minutes before I had to open up my eyes and check the timer on my phone. Honestly I thought it had been 20… I was pretty tempted to give up then and there, but luckily I persevered.

Now going straight from nothing to 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes meditation with no help what so ever is a mammoth of a task and something that I still don’t particularly find easy. But what I have found is an absolute game changer…

Headspace┬áis an app that guides you through your meditation. It has a range of ‘packs’ that concentrate on health, relationships, sport and many more. This one app alone has revolutionized how I how start each day. It does cost a small amount each month, but you can do a 10 session trial completely free so I would a 100% recommend downloading it and giving it a go, and if you don’t like it you certainly wont be any worse off.

Headspace sessions range from 10 to 20 minutes long, which I personally think is a really length, but if you’re really tight on time or think this would be too long then I’d recommend checking out this 3 minute meditation┬áinstead.




The next thing I do in my miracle morning is blend up a super smoothie. I love this part of my morning as I get to drink a delicious smoothie, that I know has SO many benefits not just for my morning but the entire rest of the day.

Smoothies are one of the best nutritional tools I use on a daily basis. They enable me to get a boat load of great nutrients inside me shortly after waking up, right when my body is at one of its most optimal times.

I mix up what smoothies I do each day, but as a rule thumb they normally comprise of 1 part fruit 1 part berries and 1 part green leafy veg like spinach or kale. I then also add in a chia seed and ground flax seed mix to add some extra healthy fats in and if I’m only having a small breakfast I may also chuck in some protein powder. Before then filling up the blender with water until its just above the contents (I like my smoothie pretty thin so if you’d prefer a thicker smoothie don’t add as much water).

You really can freestyle what you through in but if you’d like a bit more inspiration you can some recipes here.


Last thoughts


Now the things I do above have done absolute wonders for me not just in the morning, but right across the rest of my day and really have given way to an overall more productive and happier and healthier life.

When constructing your own morning routine you may choose to try out all or some of the above, or none of them at all. But one thing I’d really recommend is checking out a book by Hal Elrod called The Miracle Morning – it’s a great book on building awesome morning habits and will definitely provide you with the tools to create your own miracle morning.

Lastly, if you enjoyed reading this please drop me a quick comment and make sure to join my email list below so I can send you similar content in the future.


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