Hi there, I’m Henry and welcome to The Lifestylepreneur – the site
to help you create the ultimate lifestyle business and let you live life on their own terms.Henry Bowersmith

I’ve created The Lifestylepreneur for two main reasons:

Firstly, to document my own journey from losing my job and getting diagnosed with a chronic pain condition (fibromyalgia) to entering the world of business and entrepreneurialism. Secondly, I really want to help others that are feeling lost or starting out on the same journey.

Whether you’re looking for a change because of health reasons, having children, or simply because you’re tired of the standard old 9-5, this site is for you. I’ll be providing you with great content that dives into everything that I’ve tried or am trying, guides on how to do it and what is or isn’t working in world of lifestyle business. So, come join me on a journey and take back control of your life.

About My Journey

I graduated from university in the summer of 2014 with a degree in Sociology & Social Policy, which apart from showing I had a degree, benefited me very little when it came down to finding a job.

However, even with this degree and only two months work experience from the previous summer, I managed to bag myself a reasonable job working in real estate in England’s capital city – London. This wasn’t exactly what I thought I would be doing for my first job, but to be honest I don’t think I really had a clue what my dream job would have been.

So I packed my bags, moved to London, and started working. To start with it was fun, but the hours really were something else… A standard week would run 8:30am to 8pm Monday to Friday, as well as one weekend day every other week. Other aspects of my life immediately started to suffer.

Shortly after joining this firm, my health took a real turn for the worst and I had to take two months off work. After resting up, I managed to return on “part-time” – this was still 50+ hour weeks (hardly part-time, as I’m sure you’ll agree).

Over the next year I continued working these hours, but steadily started taking more and more time off due to my health, until the point came when I simply couldn’t do it anymore. Six more months off and my employment with the company ended.

Only towards the end of these six month did I finally get diagnosed. I had Fibromyalgia – a chronic pain condition that affects your entire body, causing excruciating pain and crippling fatigue. It only took two and half years and numerous MRI scans, CT scans, X rays, blood tests and many more, just to get to this point.

During the whole process I became very down and depressed, especially during “flare ups”, where at times I could barely sit up from bed without horrific shooting pains going right through my entire back and body.

It was during one of the worst flare ups that I said to myself – “f*** you fibromyalgia, f*** you chronic pain and f*** you chronic fatigue”. I made the decision that this condition wasn’t going to define my life, it wasn’t going to limit my ambitions and wasn’t going to prevent me from achieving what ever the hell I want to achieve!

This was the turning point for me. It was as if something in my mind had switched and suddenly I could see a whole new future opening up in front of me. I decided right then and there that I didn’t just want to go through life surviving, I wanted to go through life thriving, and my health wasn’t going to be the thing holding me back.

This felt like an epiphany, and one of my darkest days turned to one of my brightest.

Once this burning desire had taken hold of me, the logical part of my brain started to kick in and started to ask the important questions such as – How am I going to make money if physically I can’t go out to work? What jobs or businesses can I run from home or a location of my choosing? Which of these, if any, will fit around my lifestyle while still enabling me to fulfill my dreams?

From these questions came more questions, but with numerous hours spent on Google and at least a few days if not weeks later I had come up a long list of very credible lifestyle business ideas that would allow me to work from home, work on a location independent basis, earn decent money, and do it at a pace that would work for me.

I have therefore created this blog to break down my list of location independent, work from home lifestyle business ideas, breaking down what has and hasn’t worked for me, so that you can go straight to doing what works.

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Thank you again for choosing to join me on this journey. I would love to help each and everyone of you in anyway I can, so please feel free to drop me an email at – henry@thelifestylepreneur.com and I will do my very best to help you out.

Wishing you all the best on your journey.

Henry Bowersmith